C-a-c: If you don't like how I drive, stay off the sidewalk

Kyle Busch keeps his crew hopping at last weekend's Nationwide race. So what's his crew saying to him right about now? You know, don't you?

After the jump, Kevin Harvick is rock-and-rollin' all night and partyin' every day.

Hans Gruber:
Harvick: "Awesome, a new Guitar Hero controller!"

George S:
Kyle needs to buy a new guitar, pour lighter fluid on it and play the star spangled banner to remove the curse he suffered when breaking it. (remove the Hendrick curse with Hendrix music)

And the "Well, the Internet IS open to everyone" award goes to john:
So where is the amp and distortion pedals???? Just make sure it is out of tune and then it will sound just like the Jr. Earnhardt boogie!!!--Whiskey river take my talent!!!!!!!! ---I rest my foot on the dead pedal!!!!!! down in the corner, looking for the apex, yet I do not know geometry or physics!!!!! So how can I drive, deep, get off and do it again??? It is called talent!!!!! Knowing your a22 from a hole in the ground, or a wall waiting to shake your hand!!!!! I would like to have a match race with Morgan Shepard, for I think that the years of experience would be a beautiful duel, as 64/vs/70what would be a beautiful thing to watch, no quarter given, none asked for!!!!!

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