Follow in the Busch boys' tracks at the Vegas Bullring

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Bullring, the Las Vegas track so tiny it makes Bristol look like a superspeedway. Three-eighths of a mile in length, it's got a pedigree unmatched by virtually any short track in the country; this right here is where Kurt and Kyle Busch got their start.

According to Busch family history, Gaye and Tom Busch took their little boy Kurt to the track when he was just two weeks old. When Kyle came along a few years later, they had him at the track within ten days, too. The Bullring actually predates the adjacent Las Vegas Motor Speedway, having been built in 1984 and heavily renovated in 2000.

It's got high banks and, obviously, tight turns; anybody that can come out of this place relatively unscathed may indeed have a future in motorsports. Consider, for instance, the story of Justin Johnson, a Bullring master who's young enough to consider Kyle Busch an elder but old enough to have run at the Bullring for a decade already.

Here, check some video of Kyle running there a couple years back:

Aw, yeah. Forget Kentucky and Kansas; we need to get a second race in Vegas, and we need to see it at the Bullring. Go make friends with The Bullring on Facebook and see what you can do to make it happen.

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