Bummed about the off week? Maybe this will help

Thanks to the off weekend in the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series, the Camping World Truck Series is the only major show in racing this weekend. Formula 1 was scheduled to open its season in Bahrain this weekend, but the race has been postponed because of political unrest in the country.

(The off week has been eliminated next year, but wouldn't it make sense if the off weekend was next weekend? Conference tournaments don't have nearly the draw of the NCAA tournament, and NASCAR could get some extra eyeballs that they wouldn't normally get going up against the Big Dance. Thankfully that's a moot point)

So if you're jonesing for some racing and Kasey Kahne in the Truck race Saturday night isn't going to fix it, here's a compilation of some clips from Bristol over the years. Just nine days until race day in Thunder Valley!

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