Bristol must be easy because I beat Kyle Busch in a go-kart race*

Yes, there's a giant caveat here, as evidenced by the asterisk in the headline, but this is a story that I'll share with my grandkids in 40 years because details disappear over time, right?

Thanks to the fine folks at Kansas Speedway, Busch was in Kansas City Wednesday for a media and contest appearance at an indoor go-kart track. After a media session with Busch, contest winners from a local radio station and media members were invited to a 10 minute race with Busch.

I figured that this was my chance at fame, but apparently someone else had fame -- or revenge if he was a Brad Keselowski fan -- in mind.

Kyle Busch is the green blur in the foreground at the 1:11 mark of the video below. Follow that green blur around the first corner and down the dogleg. And then watch the green blur come to a screeching halt just to the right of the big yellow sign. (Note: This was the first lap. Better video can be found here, courtesy of KMBC in Kansas City)

That part of the track there is a straightaway, and from all accounts, it looked like someone decided to push Busch into the wall. From those who saw the impact first-hand, it was pretty violent, and since he's got bigger races to worry about, Busch decided to take the rest of the race off.

As for me, once I saw media members bringing in their own helmets as they entered the facility, I knew that I was not taking this quite seriously enough and that I had no shot at the pole or even beating Busch fair and square.

I took the track for a five minute qualifying session in my No. 7 From The Marbles/Yahoo! Sports/ExtenZe kart, and a la my Sprint Cup numbersakes Kevin Conway and Robby Gordon, I was a little too amped up and stomped the brakes too hard in turn three of my first lap, sliding sideways. (I'm the sixth to leave the pit lane. The guy in the orange shirt running away from the camera? Yeah... he's going to rescue me)

After that slipup I got my confidence back and qualified 9th for the main event. Busch was going to be starting 18th, so I figured that I had five laps at most before I got passed. Plus, I had a different cart this time. It was, you guessed it, the No. 12 kart.

However, I never did, much to my frustration as I spent those five laps trying to get by the guy that started in front of me. The fifth time that I got alongside of him (and fifth time that he cut me off) he finally spun me out, despite the "no-bumping" rule. (I ended up finishing 10th)

Since I was in the no. 12 kart -- and to my knowledge there wasn't a No. 22 kart -- I figured we wouldn't have to worry about any rough driving unless some Keselowski voodoo appeared over me. Apparently I was wrong.

I was really looking forward to the opportunity, but it only takes one bad decision to mess something like this up. I just wish that we were able to log some more track time with him but I can't blame him for playing it safe. Plus, I now have my very own exaggerated tale of greatness.

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