Bristol helps Danica remember what state Bristol is in

You talk in enough press conferences, you're going to say something unfortunate. Such is the case with Danica Patrick, who recently admitted she didn't know what state Bristol Motor Speedway is in. (Hopefully she'd narrowed it down to Tennessee, the correct answer, and Virginia, which is only about six miles away.)

In an effort to remind her of the track's home state, Bristol general manager Jerry Caldwell showed up at Daytona with a gift basket of Tennessee treats, including a Vols pillow, a Titans wristband, Moon Pies, Elvis Presley CDs and Jack Daniels whiskey, among a bunch of other items. (See a full list here.)

Anyway, Patrick will get roasted for this, for sure, but hey, at least she got some candy and whiskey out of the deal. Matter of fact, I think I need a refresher myself ...