Bristol’s Craziest Moment: Contact from Hamlin sends Logano into wall; drivers trade verbal jabs

Four races into their first season together in the Sprint Cup Series on different teams, you have to wonder how Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano got along with each other at Joe Gibbs Racing.

The two exchanged Twitter barbs at Daytona and on Sunday, the tiff escalated to non-social media levels after Hamlin got into the back of Logano and sent him spinning as the two were battling for second place on lap 349.

After the race, Logano exited his car and immediately went over to Hamlin's, which was less than 100 feet away. As Hamlin was still in his car with his helmet on, Logano, in his first season at Penske Racing, leaned in to voice his displeasure with his former teammate. To do so, he had to nudge one of Hamlin's crew members out of the way, who in turn, tried to keep Logano away from the driver's side window, causing a slight shoving match between the drivers' crew members.

What did Hamlin say Logano said to him?

"He said he was coming for me," Hamlin said. "So, I usually don't see him (on the racetrack) so it's usually not a factor."

Well, the two were around each other on Sunday, obviously, and they were around each other at Daytona late in the race too. Those close quarters led Hamlin to tweet Brad Keselowski after the 500 that Keselowski's "genius teammate" Logano "was too busy messing up the inside line 1 move at a time," which prevented Hamlin from being able to push Keselowski at the finish.

There may be a higher chance of payback than Hamlin thinks.

"It's Bristol, but it's ridiculous ... I feel like I race him clean all the time and he's going to do that," Logano said. "I understand the way he races now that he's not my teammate and I will race him the same way he races."

Hamlin said that he meant to nudge Logano, but didn't mean to crash him.

"It didn't have anything to do with (Daytona), really, you know, you've got to control your car and he slid up into me. And really, he would have been in the garage with no radiator in it had I not checked up twice, so I meant to run into him, didn't mean to spin him out," Hamlin said. "But his day was fine, he still had a bad day anyway for other reasons, so .. we finished bad, he finished bad, it's even."

The spoiler on the back of Logano's car was still intact after the crash and he had worked his way up to sixth on the race's final restart, just a couple positions away from Hamlin. However, he didn't get a chance to exact payback, as he started quickly sliding back through the field and finished 17th. Though it was six spots higher than Hamlin.

After hitting the wall with less than ten laps to go, the damage was so severe that Hamlin had to bounce his car off the wall in each set of corners for the final laps just to get the car to turn. He ended up 23rd.

So, you've seen the video. Who you got in this one, Hamlin or Logano? Do you think Logano is going to exact his revenge sometime this season? Or will this be long forgotten when the opportunity presents itself?

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