Brad Paisley will headline the Daytona 500 prerace extravaganza

We're not going to lie to you: the fact that the Daytona 500 hadn't announced its prerace entertainment less than two weeks before the race was starting to raise some serious concerns. This is the biggest event of the NASCAR year, and we're looking at the very real possibility of getting Dingus Fleabait and His Stinky Outhouse Boys to provide the soundtrack? Come on, NASCAR!

Well, as it turns out, NASCAR came through. Brad Paisley, country music soo-per-star, will be performing three songs pre-race. It's a fitting match; the universes of Paisley and NASCAR fans overlap almost completely. And Paisley's got plenty of experience dealing with NASCAR, as he did last year with one Jeff Gordon:

Still unannounced is who will sing the National Anthem, though I can think of at least one person who could use a mulligan.

Also, speaking selfishly, I'm hoping that Paisley does like Keith Urban did last year:

Yeah! Private media concert! Because we in the media aren't privileged enough already! Of course, if BP does give us a show like that, we'll bring it right to you.

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