Brad Paisley busts on Jeff Gordon at Country Music Awards

A NASCAR star at a Country Music Awards show? What are the odds?

Jeff Gordon showed up at Wednesday night's Country Music Awards, and he was in fine form. Problem is, Brad Paisley was even better.

Gordon appeared as "Brad Paisley" as co-host Carrie Underwood told the crowd about the dangers of "identity theft." Right then, the real Paisley walked out, and the following exchange ensued:

Paisley: Jeff, what do you think you're doing?
Gordon: I'm not Jeff Gordon. I'm Brad Paisley.
Paisley: All right, prove it. Sing something right now.
Gordon: Come on, man. Everybody knows Brad Paisley lip-syncs.

Oh! Burn! Well, in a scripted awards-show teleprompter kind of way, at least. Anyway, Paisley landed the haymaker:

Paisley: I'll make you a deal. You give me the keys to the 48 car, you can stay.
Gordon: I drive the 24 car.
Paisley: I know.

Game, set, and match -- or, in this case, green, white, checker, to Mr. Paisley, who also called Gordon "ol' Scrappy here" for his kind-of-sort-of fight with Jeff Burton this past weekend.

Below, the full video of the appearance. Enjoy.

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