Brad Keselowski's hauler victimized, sort of, by thieves

Brad Keselowski's race shop in Rowan County, N.C. suffered a break-in over the weekend, and the damage was ... well, let's just say this wasn't exactly a meticulously executed, ten-figure-profit Ocean's Eleven-style heist.

The Rowan County Sheriff's Department is reporting that someone broke into Keselowski's 1999 Featherlite race car hauler. The doors were pried open, causing about $400 in damage, and the $20 tiedown straps were removed. While there were "several other items" in the trailer, nothing was taken but the tiedowns. Nope, nobody's wheeling around North Carolina in a stolen Lite Beer No. 2, though that would make one hell of a comedy premise.

Turner Motorsports, on an adjacent property, also reported a break-in to a car trailer. So, yes, what we're looking at here may be the lamest thief in the history of thieving.

No truth at all to the rumors that there were duck feathers found at the scene.

(Thanks to WBTV for the tip.)

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