Behold the most expensive dents in human history

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Ever been driving next to a luxury automobile and thought, "Hey, if I turn the wheel just slightly, I can wreck my whole financial future!"? No? Well, imagine it, and now imagine the same thing with five luxury automobiles.

Dig this: In Monaco, a driver, whom the Daily Mail helpfully identifies as "a woman driver" and a "hapless blonde," recently caused what must be the most expensive fender-bender in the history of mankind. Here's how it happened:

At the Place du Casino roundabout, the driver of the Bentley Azure scraped the side of the Mercedes and then ran head-on into the Ferrari F430. The Aston Martin and the Porsche 911 also got involved, presumably trying to avoid the wreck.

Naturally, tourists swarmed the wreck, and with both doors pinned shut, the driver who started it all could do nothing but pose.

The Daily Mail estimated that the damage will run more than $65,000, since all of the cars will require some repair and replacement. Total value of all the cars together? More than $1.1 million. Somebody's deductible's going to go up pretty soon.

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