Behold the inspiring glory that is ... NASCAR poetry!

OK, I realize that for most people, poetry begins and ends with "There once was a man from Nantucket ... ," but here's a little proof that even those highfalutin college-educated literary types can love NASCAR. Pour yourself a cup of java, gripe about The Man while living on your parents' dime, and dig on the mellifluous motorsports melody that is ... "NASCAR Child:"

Is it good? Well, let's put it this way -- it's the best spoken-word blank-verse performance I've ever heard that uses the term "vomiting chaos."

Inspired by "NASCAR Child," the Orlando Sentinel's Matt Humphrey (who sent me this video in the first place, so go to his site and blame him) was inspired to pen some of his own NASCAR poetry, like Danica Patrick's haiku:

Look good in bikini
Make money from Super Bowl
Drive Dale Jr.’s car

Feel free, of course, to create your own below. Winner gets free tuition for a year to You're Going To Look Back On Your College Years And Cringe University.

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