ARCA driver Mike Affarano flips six times at Talladega

ARCA carnage never seems to cease at Talladega.

Mike Affarano's car flipped over six times and came to rest on its side -- with the engine almost completely dismounted from the car, on lap 83 of Friday's ARCA race at Talladega Superspeedway.

Affarano was thankfully treated and released from the infield care center after the crash.

ARCA is racing's "A" level equivalent if we were comparing stock car racing to Major League Baseball, and its restrictor plate races tend to be dicey affairs with a mix of inexperienced drivers and teams with a wide range of equipment and budgets. Friday's race also featured its own "Big One" multi-car crash in the tri-oval on lap 11.

Brandon McReynolds, son of former Sprint Cup crew chief and current Fox broadcaster Larry McReynolds, won the race with a last lap pass.

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