Will America's Racing Team ever attempt a Sprint Cup race?

New team announcements in NASCAR tend to be like a firecracker. There's a loud pop (a press conference) and then the team is dead, never to be used again.

Well, "America's Racing Team" had a press conference Friday afternoon at Daytona to announce its intentions to race in 2011.

The team has no driver, no sponsor and no manufacturer — though it said it plans to have a technical alliance with an existing team announced within the month — and Elton Sawyer, formerly of Red Bull Racing, is the competition director.

And guess what, you can help sponsor the team!

The announcement of the team today allows time for fans of all ages to begin their immediate Team Partnership into the America's Racing Team No. 76 entry. Annual memberships begin at $44.95 for children, $49.95 for teens and $299.95 for adults. Small businesses may also join the team's "76 Pit Club" for a membership fee of $1,999.95. Family memberships, two adults and two kids, are available for $499.95. Fans can begin their membership at the website www.americasracingteam.com and sign-up for annual, three-year or five-year memberships.

"This is not an individual's team, not a team wholly focused on a star driver or branded by one large corporate brand; this is a team financed and fueled by and for the fans," said Wright. "This isn't a current team, but rather one that the fans will help build from its infancy and watch win races in what hopefully will be a very short time. Today is the beginning of their partnership into something very special."

Save your money; $300 is a lot (the jump from a teen to an adult membership seems steep). And what will you get to do? ART says that fans will get to be involved in the decision-making process (driver, paint scheme, etc.) but are any of you From the Marbles readers out there dumb enough to send these guys your cash?

If, somehow, America's Racing Team is at the Daytona 500 next year, I'll link back to this post and admit that I was wrong. However, I've got a feeling that when February of 2011 rolls around, America's Racing Team will be in the dustbin of recent startup team history with USF1.

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