Addington fined, Wolfe on probation for Vegas infractions

NASCAR announced Tuesday evening that two crew chiefs were disciplined after Sunday's race at Las Vegas.

Steve Addington, the crew chief for Justin Allgaier, was fined $25,000. Allgaier's car was too light in post-race inspection. Weight to make the car hit minimum weight came off during the race and was found on the track. Addington's fine is because of both incidents.

20.3.5: Added ballast containers:
a. Any and all ballast added to the vehicle must be bolted inside an added ballast container, inside the main frame rails, and/or inside the front sway bar.
b. Added ballast must be secured in a manner that will prevent movement of the ballast during an event. Overall vehicle weight after competition:
b. After a vehicle has raced, only water in the radiator, oil in the engine reservoir tank, and fuel in the fuel cell may be added. Wheels and tires may not be changed, unless otherwise authorized by NASCAR Officials.
c. After a vehicle has raced, the minimum overall vehicle weight of all vehicles must be within 0.5% of the minimum overall vehicle weight required at the start of the race.

According to NASCAR's new penalty system, it's a P3 penalty.

Paul Wolfe, the crew chief for Brad Keselowski's car, was put on probation until the end of the year. Before qualifying on Friday, the No. 2 car had to go through inspection after it was on the grid. NASCAR said it found both the right and left rear wheel openings were modified after qualifying inspection

20.4.b: Body – All approved OEM-manufactured body components must be used as supplied except as required to stiffen, or to attach to other vehicle components. Tolerances from CAD surfaces and template tolerances are provided to allow for manufacturing, fabrication, and installation variability;
: Surface Conformance – Coordinate measuring machines, scanning equipment, and templates, among other tools, will be used to inspect body surfaces for conformance to the approved OEM and NASCAR CAD files.

Wolfe's probation is a P2 level penalty. Both crew chiefs were also penalized for the always-applicable actions detrimental to stock car racing.

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