A pricey Lamborghini piled into two cars on a London street

Not the Lamborghini that crashed in London. (Getty Images)


Not the Lamborghini that crashed in London. (Getty Images)

If you had a Lamborghini worth north of $400,000, you would be more careful than this driver, right?

The driver of this Lamborghini Aventador was driving just a bit too fast down a city street in London and apparently didn't see the SUV making a right turn until it was too late. Yeah, you can guess what happened from there.

According to the Telegraph, it's the same car previously filmed driving around London with flames coming out of the tailpipe. The owner of the BMW that got creamed said the owner of the Lamborghini was very apologetic. We'd certainly hope so.

A specialist quoted by the Telegraph estimated repairs on the car would run north of $150,000.

Lamborghinis haven't gotten much good publicity lately thanks to irresponsible drivers. Justin Bieber was in a Lamborghini when he was arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami in January.

The Aventador can go over 200 MPH, so we understand the need for speed and the attraction. If we had one, we'd certainly want to go fast too. But in the middle of the city? No. We'd go find some back roads and let the engine sing.


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