2010 Nationwide champ Keselowski going Sprint Cup in '11

The key figure in the big declare-your-championship story involving Sprint Cup drivers running in the Nationwide series is Brad Keselowski. He's the reigning champion in the Nationwide series but an afterthought in the Sprint series. Would Keselowski opt for being the big fish in a pond suddenly devoid of other, even bigger fish?

As it turns out, no. Courtesy of Jet Ski's Twitter:

Key word in that tweet is, of course, "sponsor." Recall that Keselowski is now the face of Miller Lite, and bear in mind that any driver who's not in the hunt for the Cup is going to be an afterthought, and you've got to imagine there was a little bit of "you've had your fun, now let's run in the big leagues" pressure on Keselowski.

So the door is now wide open for a new Nationwide champion. It'll be good to get a fresh face into NASCAR's championship circles. Unless, of course, other Sprint Cup drivers decide to slum it ... you never know, do ya?

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