Toyota Camatte57s concept gives families a carbuilding project


The auto industry hasn't quite figured out how to build a car that buyers assemble at home from cardboard boxes like Ikea furniture — but the latest version of Toyota's car for teaching kids to enjoy driving comes darn close.

Last year, Toyota unveiled its Camatte concept at a Tokyo toy conference, presenting the idea of a home-built, electric go-kart kit as a way to involve children in the fun of final vehicle assembly. The new Camatte57s version revealed ahead of this year's toy convention features even more parts — the 57 refers to the number of body panels — in part to make customizing a Camatte much easier. The controls have been swapped so that adults can ride side-by-side with their offspring with duplicate accelerators and brakes to help teach driving skills.

Toyota hasn't yet committed to selling the kit or said much about just how fast the Camatte 57s would roll once it's bolted together. It's not a street-legal car, and never would be, but building one looks a lot more fun than most toys — and it's hard for most parents to fit behind the wheel of a Little Tykes.

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