Hertz Penske GT puts a hot Mustang in the airport rental lot


Earlier this year, Penske Racing announced Hertz would become a major sponsor of its NASCAR race team, another in a string of business deals between the rental-car giant and Roger Penske. Outside of a moving truck, most of those deals haven't produced a car anyone would want to drive — until now, as Hertz has revealed a special edition Penske Mustang GT, coming to 15 lucky airports (potentially) near you.

Being Penske, this isn't your stock Mustang festooned with yellow decals. Rather it's a modified Mustang GT, featuring tuned suspension, an upgraded exhaust unit, and a tweaked ECU. It also sports the discontinued Boss 302 Laguna Seca's front splitter and a rear valance stolen from the Shelby GT500. While power figures aren't available, the 420 stock ponies in the GT are sure to be magnified.

The cost to rent this beast stands at $180 a day, and that limits you to 100 miles before additional fees kick in. Hertz has a long tradition of lending muscular Mustangs to weary travelers, dating back to the 1966 Shelby GT350H that became something of a classic. Time will tell whether the Penske GT dons a similar status.

Photo: Hertz

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