August 16: Volkswagen Beetle linked to notorious serial killer on this date in 1975

Editorial Director, Yahoo! Autos

Thirty seven years ago on this date, serial killer Ted Bundy was done in by his underpowered car: a tan 1968 Volkswagen Beetle (referenced no less than nine times on Bundy's Wikipedia page). Bundy's car was noticed by police in a Salt Lake City neighborhood. He turned off his headlights and tried to flee in the dark, but was soon apprehended. Police searched the Beetle and found a ski mask, ice pick, crowbar, plastic garbage bags, and handcuffs, among several oddities (Bundy had also unfastened the front passenger seat and placed it in the rear seat). He was arrested for suspicion of burglary, but physical evidence recovered from the car tied him to missing persons. Bundy was convicted for murder, but later escaped from prison, killed several more women, and was again apprehended in yet another Volkswagen Beetle.

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