Yves Levigne explaining, Nick Diaz and Dan Hardy fight-talkin’ and more in Dana White’s video blog

Maggie Hendricks

UFC president Dana White released his latest video blog. This one takes a behind-the-scenes look at UFC 158 in Montreal, complete with a whole lot of bro-hugging. As you watch, turn the volume on your computer down if you're at a workplace where the F-bomb isn't OK, and keep an eye out for these moments:

-- Referee Yves Levigne talking to Antonio Carvalho about the stoppage of his bout with Darren Elkins. Levigne explained his thought process to Carvalho, which can be instructional for Carvalho and other fighters in the future. The best referees are those who are communicative, and Levigne did a good job here.

-- White's expletive-filled reaction to the excellent bout between Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit

-- At UFC 158, Bruce Buffer made a rare mistake, calling the Condit-Hendricks bout the main event when it was the co-main. Buffer works really hard at making his announcing special, and you can see how upset he was by the mistake when he talked to White about it.

-- Nick Diaz and Dan Hardy, both men who have dropped decisions to Georges St-Pierre, talking about fighting.

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