A young Steven Seagal got whipped by a 59-year-old

Last night, we highlighted a good interview on mixed martial arts with Deadspin's Drew Magary and Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim. Early on, it was nuts and bolts talk on the current state and future of the sport. Wertheim and Magary said that Dana White may be a liability for the UFC. The best part came when the duo delved into a great story in Wertheim's MMA book, "Blood in the Cage."

Wertheim wrote about a great exchange between "movie" martial artist Steven Seagal and "real" martial artist Gene LeBell. The 59-year-old LeBell was visiting the set of Out for Justice. Seagal talked a little trash to bait LeBell and found out that kicking ass in movies it quite different than doing it in real life.

Listen to Magary tell the story which ended with Segal needing baby wipes and a shower (1:55 mark):

Judo forums give two versions of the story. One says LeBell, who was a stuntman and stunt coordinator, confronted Seagal because he was being too rough with the stuntmen on the movie set. Seagal got froggy and LeBell put him to sleep. The other had Seagal outright challenging the old man and LeBell obliged by embarrassing the movie star.

Audio via Deadspin

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