What the world is saying about this weekend's fights: smile, Fedor!

Seriously, Fedor, why so sad? I realize that no one wants to share personal space with Tito Ortiz, except her, but that's no reason to look like someone kicked your dog. You're the WAMMA champ, after all.

Of course, Freddie Roach. Andrei Arlovski lost because the fight was too easy. This is just like the C students who say they're not challenged enough.

Fedor's legend grows, but will it be enough for Affliction to continue?

Don't call it a comeback, Vitior's been here for years.

What is Jens Pulver's next move? Hopefully, after three straight losses, considering retirement will be one of those moves. One of the bad habits that MMA has picked up from boxing is fighters sticking around too long. Mark Coleman's sad sack loss to Mauricio Rua showed that. Pulver should pay attention to the fighters who have gone before him, and honestly evaluate if his body is still able to sustain the punishment of a fight.

Fedor's next move is set. He will fight Josh Barnett next.

Urijah Faber's win over Pulver sets him back on the path to get his title back.

Varner, Cerrone, Aldo and Faber won the WEC's fight night bonuses.

Speaking of Varner, he'd like to see B.J. Penn next, to unify the WEC and UFC lightweight belts. He should take a number.

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