What the world is saying about UFC 91: Stephens wins KO of forever

USA Today's take on Lesnar's win.

Kenny Florian certainly made a statement on Saturday. Not only did he beat Joe Stevenson convincingly, but he also told B.J. Penn that he wanted to kill him.

The L.A. Times went behind the scenes for UFC 91.

MMA Junkie gives us a rundown of fight bonuses for the weekend. Jeremy Stephens is the most deserving "Knockout of the Night" winner, possibly ever.

There is talk of the UFC heading to Germany next year, and some are hoping that Couture-Liddell IV will be the headliner fight. Do not count me in that group.

Is Brock Lesnar a top-five heavyweight?

Saturday's crowd drew $4.8 million. I still can't wait to hear what the pay-per-view numbers are. The UFC doesn't always release them, but rest assured, if they topped Dana White's prediction of 1.2 million, he will be shouting it from the mountain tops.

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