What the world is saying about UFC 90

Add the Chicago Tribune, Sports Illustrated and the Chicago Sun-Times to the list of media disappointed in the bizarre main event on Saturday.

Despite the disappointment in the cage, the UFC should be happy with their Chicago debut. They drew a record live gate of $2.8 million, with more than 15,000 fans in attendance.

Georges St. Pierre, who stopped in at UFC 90 on the way down to Brazil, was impressed with Thiago Alves' performance. Alves doesn't want to wait to fight until after GSP and B.J. Penn meet in January.

The Sportsnet out of Canada looked for some silver lining in Patrick Cote's loss. I mean, he didn't accidentally set the Octagon on fire, so that was good. Cote -- who is either drunk or delusional -- said that he, um, fudged up Anderson Silva. His knee is also fudged up.

Cage Potato gives us the winners and losers of the weekend.

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