The world according to Hardy hits U.S. shores

It's 17 days out from his clash against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 111 and the Dan Hardy hype machine has arrived in the New York area. Hardy posted his first stateside video blog. There's not a whole lot to it aside from cup shopping, some awful teeth and revealing the nugget that he'll be spending some time on Long Island, the home of Matt Serra, the last guy to take out GSP.

We're hoping Hardy can find the manufacturer of Adam Lambert's spiked cup. That would be a real weapon come fight night!

In a previous blog at, Hardy tried to clear up a couple of things Cagewriter has blogged about in the past few weeks. One was Hardy tattoo-gate. The Brit lost his gut tattoo on several posters:

But another item I've read online I'd like to clear up is why my stomach tattoo has been Photoshopped off the official UFC 111 poster. Maybe I am the wrong guy to moan about getting Photoshopped, but I'm not really very happy about it and don't understand the reason behind it at all.

I've been told the people who designed the poster felt my tattoo would be "too distracting". Well, I'm very happy with my tattoo. Makes no sense they airbrushed it out. But some of the guys at the gym have found it very amusing, so at least they got a laugh out of it.

Hardy found it funny that some message board posters tried to get to the story behind the story.

Some of the theories out there as to why it was removed were very funny. I had no idea MMA fans were such hardcore conspiracy theorists. If they ever do another series of the "X-Files", the producers should look no further than the MMA fan forums for their writing team.

Through his P.R. minions, Hardy also said his last wrestling singlet blog was not attempt to disparage GSP. It was only intended to mock on his own wrestling abilities.

Check out the Day 2 vlog. Serra, Hardy and Ray Longo should provide some blog magic.

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