What a woman looks like before and after losing in the cage

It's still an adjustment for many watching women pummel each other in a ring or cage. A picture like this may turn the stomach of those unfamiliar with the sport.

The XFC was in Austin, Texas this weekend with a husband and wife fighting on the same card. Roy Babcock won his fight, but his wife, Jen didn't fare so well losing to April Coutino. Her fight was stopped at 2:47 of the first because her left eye closed. It makes one wonder how many shots do you need to take for your eye to close in just 167 seconds?

PureFight.orgtalked to Jen Babcock before and afterthe fight. If the "after" picture makes you uncomfortable you may not want to watch when she begins to cry around the 3:42 mark. Jen is a mother of two who trains along with female MMA stars Michele Watterson and Julie Kedzie at Jackson's Submission Fighting in Albuquerque.

The fight was actually a well-executed contest (video) with Babcock neutralizing Coutino in the early part of the first round as she worked for an armbar and triangle choke. Coutino got free and delivered a few nasty hammer fists to that left eye. Beyond that, it was hard to pick out many vicious shots that would've blown up the eye. Babcock sounds like she may have a broken nose, and that may have done the trick to the eye.

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