With pressure off, Myles Jury ready for Diego Sanchez

With pressure off, Myles Jury ready for Diego Sanchez
With pressure off, Myles Jury ready for Diego Sanchez

Undefeated lightweight Myles Jury has won his first four fights in the UFC but might face his stiffest challenger ever Saturday in former Ultimate Fighter season winner and title challenger Diego Sanchez at UFC 171. Even so, Jury says that the fight against Sanchez, who is coming off of a losing but gutty performance against Gilbert Melendez last fall at UFC 166, is just another fight to him.

"I'm not looking at it like [it's the biggest of my career] man. I feel like, I've been around for awhile and I've been fighting some good guys for awhile," Jury told reporters this week in Dallas during a scrum.

"It's that now I'm fighting a guy with a name, you know what I mean? I've been fighting tough guys, with no name, though. It's good, though. I'm excited for the opportunity but I feel that it's just another fight to me, man. If anything, this is, like, the least pressure I've ever had in a fight because all the pressure is on Diego. That's the way I'm feeling."

Just because Jury isn't ascribing magical status to the fight with Sanchez doesn't mean that he is taking his aggressive opponent lightly. Jury has brought in hard-hitting, pressure fighters throughout his training camp to try and rough him up in preparation for Sanchez.

"Yeah, definitely. I just bring in good sparring partners," Jury explained of how he's specifically prepared for Sanchez

"Guys that mimic Diego, guys that don't respect me at all….I'm bringing in guys where their one job is trying to knock me out, trying to intimidate me, exactly all the things that Diego does. So, I've had that look in the gym. So, there's, like, really nothing else I can do to prepare for him. I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

Jury has finished most of his career bout inside one round and, though Sanchez has proven to be one of the most durable fighters in the world for over a decade, the young newcomer believes that he's capable of stopping "The Dream."

"In a fight, there's so many different ways to win. And, I always have that possibility in my mind. I never count on it. I'm never like, 'oh, I'm going to finish this guy in the first,' but it's always something that I know I can do," Jury said.

"So, if it comes, great. If not, I'll be ready to go for fifteen minutes."

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