Winners, losers, brain pokes and celebrities: predictions for the Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale

Joe Rogan will be forced to wear a different shirt than he usually wears because his favorite shirt still has Corey Hill's blood on it.

Vinny Magalhaes will easily overcome Ryan Bader's wrestling abilities by pulling guard at every opportunity, and will submit Bader in the second round.

We will see the clips of Tom Lawlor knocking out Dave Kaplan, Team Nog eating tainted fruit, and all of Junie Browning's temper tantrums about 75 times each.

Stankie will pull out his best, most moving, and most bizarre motivational speech before Efrain Escudero's fight.

Unfortunately, it won't work, as Phillipe Nover will have heard the same speech. Nover will overwhelm Escudero, and win by technical knockout in the second round.

Roland Delgado will lose his first and only fight in the UFC to John Polakowski. After the fight, Delgado will be consoled by a hug from Polakowski.

After losing to Eliot Marshall by submission, Jules Bruchez will protest having the worst nickname ever: "The Cotton Mouth from the South."

Mandy Moore, angry that she was not asked to film a public service announcement for Wednesday's Fight for the Troops, will skip this particular fight. Never fear. She will be back in Vegas for UFC 92 because every body will be there.

Anthony Johnson, still angry about losing by brain poke to Kevin Burns, will knock out Burns in the first 30 seconds of the fight.

The word gruesome will be used 622 times by Goldberg and Rogan in describing Wednesday's fights.

Wilson Gouveia will beat Jason MacDonald by submission. Redheads everywhere will cry.

Junie Browning will barely beat Dave Kaplan in a split decision, and then he will challenge everyone in the crowd to a fight. After being carried out of the Palms by a security guard, he will go home to his dear friend, Jack Daniels.

Yahoo! Sports will have a live chat for the entire card, airing live on Spike starting at 9 p.m. ET. Actually, I know that prediction will come true! Join us for the fun tomorrow night.

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