Wiman takes rematch with Danzig at UFC on VS 6

Maggie Hendricks

The rematch of their controversial fight ended with the same result, as Matt Wiman won a decision over Mac Danzig at UFC on Versus 6 in Washington D.C. Saturday night. It was scored 29-28 on all three judges' cards.

In a round with nonstop action, Wiman started by using a leg kick for a takedown, but when Danzig got to his feet, he punished Wiman with short strikes. Wiman came back with leg kicks and short elbows, while Danzig answered with good movement and strikes. Both fighters had bloody faces by the the time the first round ended.

Wiman showed off great grappling technique in the second, grabbing Danzig's arm for a Kimura. He came close to finishing, but Danzig got out and threw a flurry of punches. Wiman tried for another Kimura, but couldn't get it and the fight stood back up. At that point, the two matched each other strikes for strike.

By the third, the two slowed down but still gave another good round. After they again matched up in striking, Wiman tried to take Danzig down, but ended up with Danzig on top of him. As Wiman tried to stand up, Danzig mounted Wiman's back. With both fighters covered in sweat, Wiman slipped Danzig off of him, and used the top position to land tons of strikes. With his face covered in blood, Danzig worked his way back to his feet. In the last 10 seconds of the bout, Danzig dropped down and grabbed a guillotine, but Wiman flashed a thumbs up to show that he was in no danger of tapping.

Wiman won their first fight at UFC 115 with a technical submission, though Danzig never tapped and wasn't in danger of being choked out. Though it was a close fight, Danzig's win closes the book on his rivalry with Danzig, and allows him to move up in the UFC's stacked lightweight division.

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