Why is ‘Cyborg’ talking trash and doing so with fake pictures of Gina Carano?


After a positive steroid test, it's probably best to slink off into the shadows for a while.

Apparently, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos doesn't realize the damage her positive test did to her reputation. The last thing fans want to hear from an alleged "cheater" is her dumping on someone who's currently in the mix, licensed and clean.

Cyborg went down that path and did so in the oddest fashion. Santos decided to lash out at Ronda Rousey. Rousey, a former Olympian and current 135- and 145-pound contender, has buried Cyborg over her positive test. You feel bad for Cyborg? Some will say, tough luck it comes with the territory.

Along with a postfight photo of Gina Carano, Cyborg responded Wednesday by tweeting "next victim ... Ronda" in Portuguese.

One problem, the Carano photo taken after Cyborg beat her up appears to be severely Photoshopped.

Some sharp fans and Rousey noticed the photo had been altered, and called her some nasty names on Twitter.

Maybe this is an innocent mistake and Cyborg thought she really beat up Carano that badly. Either way, the fact the she's talking trash less than a month after shaming the sport and female fighters is inexcusable.

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