Whose got next with Guida and Diaz?

Nate Diaz's technical clinic and Clay Guida's decisive win over Mac Danzig on Wednesday cemented one fact about the lightweight division -- it's utter chaos. After B.J. Penn, the top contenders are Kenny Florian and Joe Stevenson, who will fight eachother at UFC 91. But what happens to Diaz? Roger Huerta seems a little displaced after his loss to Kenny Florian. The confusion only continues as you move down the ladder.

Let's start with Diaz. The pride of Stockton, Calif. -- 209! -- is a top BJJ technician and has four straight wins in the UFC. His "look Ma, no hands!" triangle choke of Kurt Pellegrino was one of the best submissions of the year. Who should Diaz face next? I would like to see him fight Roger Huerta. For Diaz, it would be a chance to prove that he belongs in the upper stratosphere of UFC lightweights. Huerta could get his career back on track after his loss to Kenny Florian.

Now for Guida. He has beaten Danzig, Samy Schiavo and Marcus Aurelio, but lost two close matches to Roger Huerta and Tyson Griffin. Who does he fight now? Frankie Edgar could be a good candidate. He beat Tyson Griffin and Spencer Fisher but then lost to Gray Maynard. Both Guida and Griffin are excellent wrestlers with strong cardio, and the match would move either fighter up the ladder towards a title.

No matter what matches are scheduled in the coming weeks, UFC 90 will answer many questions for the lightweight division. There are four lightweight matches on the card: Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk, Spencer Fisher vs. Shannon Gugerty, Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard and Marcus Aurelo vs. Hermes Franca.

Photo via MMATKO.com

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