White's incendiary comments are offensive and alienating

Warning: Video most definitely not safe for work.

Dana White's Vlog before Ultimate Fight Night 18 starts out reasonably enough. He's looking at a car, looking at some highlights, and finds out about Ryan Jensen not being cleared for tonight's event. But before the vlog ends, White launches into a three- minute long diatribe (4:38 mark) against journalist Loretta Hunt, and an article she published on Wednesday.

While speaking -- and I use that term loosely -- about the article, he drops the familiar Dana White f-bombs (42). If you've been a UFC fan for more than five minutes, you've heard White say the f-word, so it's not exactly shocking. But then he introduces some new words into his lexicon when he calls Hunt's sources a slur directed at homosexuals and Hunt herself a "dumb b----". Those words are not only inflammatory, but they are offensive and beyond unacceptable.

White is the president of a multmillion dollar corporation. It's true that he comports himself differently than most CEOs and presidents, and that's to be expected. He's running something a little different than Apple or Microsoft, or even the NFL. But he still needs to follow the laws of basic decency, and using those words break those laws. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Roger Goodell know not to use those sorts of words, and White should know better, too.

White's words of choice marginalize gays and women, both groups that if White were the smart businessman he claims to be, he knows could help grow his business. Does White not think that women and gay men watch the UFC? Is he delusional? Maybe in his world, only straight men are lining his pockets, but he should wake up. Dropping those slurs like they're not a big deal makes me want to walk in the other direction from the UFC and give my money to anyone else but Zuffa.

Since I've started with Cage Writer, I have been worried from time to time that I would not be welcome at fights or in gyms. After all, MMA is definitely a man's world. However, I've never felt unwelcome, never felt like I was given an unfair shake, never felt like I didn't belong. But after seeing the president of the corporation that I spend much of my days writing about call another female member of the MMA media a "dumb b----," I instantly become unwelcome in this world. Funny what a few little words can do.

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