White vlog: Vick, Ice-T, Bradford big UFC fans

Maggie Hendricks

UFC president Dana White released the first of his video blogs for UFC 131, and this one is pretty much just White talking to celebrities.

Things to watch for:

-- Lots and lots of F-bombs. If your boss isn't keen on f-bombs being thrown around, don't watch this.

-- About a minute in, St. Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford telling White that some player is "better than I was at that age." If you can figure out who Bradford is referring to, do tell.

-- Two and a half minutes in, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick making plans to go to UFC 133 at the Well Fargo Center in Philly. Hopefully, the lockout will be over by then and the fights will be a respite for the Eagles who are in training camp. Right? Hopefully?

-- White appeared at E3, announcing that pay-per-views will soon be available gaming systems like the Xbox.

-- At the end, White talks to Michael Bisping and Jason "Mayhem" Miller about their predictions for Carwin vs. dos Santos. Not surprisingly, the two coaches of the "The Ultimate Fighter 14" don't agree.