White Vlog: Nice win, Rampage, but you're fighting in 10 weeks

The final installment of Dana White's video blog does a nice job of chronicling his eating disorder and there's more talk about the horrible stoppage in the Aaron Riley-Shane Nelson fight, but the hook is at the end where a beaten and bruised Quinton Jackson is told he needs to fight again in 10 weeks. That sounds like a long time for you and me, but it means Rampage gets two weeks off and then it's right back to the gym.

Also complicating matters is a jaw injury that Jackson says he suffered before his last fight in December. Hector Ramirez caught him with an uppercut during sparring and the jaw hasn't healed since.

White is seen commenting shortly after Ohio referee Rick Fike, who choked and stopped the Riley-Nelson battle way too early. He says the stoppage costs Riley his win bonus which he said may have been $10,000. It's was actually $6,000. So Riley trained at least six weeks to pocket only $6,000. That's probably a lot less after he pays his training camp.

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