White vlog: Bringing out the big guns for the WEC 48 media push

This is a huge week for the WEC and its parent company Zuffa, as it presents its first pay-per-view offering on Saturday from Sacramento. Familiar faces like GM Reed Harris, Stephan Bonnar and Todd Harris get a lighter schedule when it comes to being in front of the camera. It's time to make some money so Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are on the call and UFC president will drive the marketing bus for this one.

White started the hype early with his first vlog of the week and he's bringing out the big guns. No really, he is. Part of the video features White and his boys showing off some of his new guns and ammunition (0:43 mark). If you ask White for 677th time why the WEC is on PPV you may get a cap in yo' ass.

White got things rolling with the media on Monday with some interviews where he points out that it's tough to get people to stay on the subject (7:19 mark).

"Doing all this media because I want to pump up the (Jose) Aldo-(Urijah) Faber fight, I did one, two, three interviews and not one thing has been about Aldo-Faber," said White. "What the [expletive] am I doing on the phone right now!"

With the Strikeforce brawl on CBS, Monday was probably a rough day to get people to actually talk about this coming weekend. Maybe White will have more luck on Wednesday morning as he engages in another radio tour. He did get Sergio Non at USA Today to ask about WEC 48. White made an interesting point about the drawing power of Faber, who has never been on PPV versus a guy like veteran middleweight and light heavyweight Dan Henderson, who's been part of 10-plus.

Urijah Faber -- the guy's been a breakthrough star. I'll give you an example.

Dan Henderson. We butted heads with Dan Henderson. Dan Henderson thought he was worth more money than we thought he was, so he ended up leaving and going with Strikeforce. Dan Henderson, up until last week, I think it was last Thursday, which was a couple of days before they showed it, they had sold 4,000 tickets in Tennessee, with Dan Henderson headlining. The Urijah Faber card versus Aldo had sold 10,000. This thing's going to be a sellout over there in Arco (Arena).

I think we're going to pull good numbers on pay-per-view.

White's estimates have been conservative. He's expecting around 150,000 buys which he explains equates to somewhere between 1.2-1.5 viewers. Pushing the card late in the week will be a challenge especially with the traditional media, which fawns over the most overcovered event in sports, the NFL draft.

Good luck getting more than a half a dozen sportsradio hosts around the country to mention WEC 48 for more than five minutes on Thursday and Friday. In Zuffa's homebase, Las Vegas, ESPNRadio1100 will speak with WEC lightweight champ Ben Henderson on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. PT and former champ Jamie Varner on Friday at 5:45 p.m. PT. You can listen live here.