White tells Koscheck to shutup about additional drug testing

Looks like Josh Koscheck has to fight the battle alone if his true desire is to push for Olympic-style drug testing in the UFC. It sounds like there's zero support on the way from the promotion and its president Dana White.

"I think that's what an athletic commission is for," White told the Las Vegas Sun during media scrum just after the UFC 115 prefight press conference. "The athletic commissions have been around for a long time. When fighters start talking about other guys being drug tested? Shut up. Worry about you."

Koscheck's comments about Georges St. Pierre using performance enhancing drugs and his demand for additional testing were a bombshell on Monday. Yet the issue has taken just four days to fizzle out.

White also said there are signs the current testing has already cleaned up the sport.

"It's been a long time since somebody tested positive for steroids. When we first took over, guys were popping here and there and I said, 'You have to be a moron to do steroids in this sport.' It's just dumb," said White.

You wonder now if White will tell GSP to shutup as well. The UFC welterweight champ welcomes the extra testing and more than suggested that the sport does have an issue.

"I don't know who is using it and I'm not going to say names, but I want it to happen. What makes a good fighter is a lot of things: genetics, style, skills, heart," St. Pierre told MMAJunkie. "But now, there's another factor that influences a fight and that's the team of doctors behind the fighter. This should not be an element that helps a fighter."

Keep in mind, states like Nevada currently employ urine testing but are looking into the possibility of expanding the prefight scan to include blood testing. FightOpinion.com wasn't happy with the lack of progress made the last week during discussions held by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.