White shreds ESPN's coverage of MMA while on ESPN

If Dana White has an issue with someone at least he'll say it directly to their face. ESPN has lagged with its coverage of MMA. The 'Worldwide Leader' may be coming around as it's dedicating major time to UFC 91. White made an appearance ESPN's morning show First Take and didn't hesitate to mention that the company's editorial judgement sucks at times.

Michael Kim asked White what Kimbo Slice has done for MMA:

"He's (done) nothing. He's set us back," said White. "The fact that he was on the cover of ESPN the Magazine makes me ill."

White also explains why Brock Lesnar is getting the fight against UFC heavyweight champ Randy Couture. He expects the fight card to haul in 1.2 million pay-per-view buys.He also gives a great answer as to why Lesnar walked out on a recent television interview question about steroids. White said Lesnar is moody even with him.