White says UFC doesn't need a network television deal

With the UFC getting major coverage on ESPN this weekend, does an EliteXC-like television deal come next? White said during the UFC 91 post-fight press conference that the UFC doesn't need network television.

"The networks are so strong they pretty much tell you the deal they're going to give you whether you like it or not. We don't need it. We don't need help from anybody"

White says the UFC is doing just fine with cable outlet SpikeTV:

"I'm happy as hell to be on SpikeTV, be there forever. I could care less."

Click below to listen to White talk about the UFC and television:

Will the UFC hit a ceiling in the next few years if it doesn't forge a deal with one of the networks? A deal with ESPN to get some programming on may be more effective than having to bow to needs and whims of network executives. It may damage the sport in the future if a UFC run on network television was to flop.

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