White says Bobby Lashley to the UFC is unlikely

Many fans are excited to see what former WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley will do with his new mixed martial arts career and if he'll have a home in the UFC. The comparisons are clearly there with UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar, who exploded to the title after just three professional MMA fights following his wrestling career. Both guys are huge, had very good amateur wrestling careers and have the look that is highly marketable in the fight world. Surprisingly, when TheFukerton.com asked White, who will be the UFC first, Lashley or pro wrestler Kurt Angle, he was pretty definitive about the big guy's prospects:

"Neither. I don't know, just because Brock did it doesn't mean everyone can do it."

White was also pushed about UFC 100. He said that he's finally had some time to look at it. He promised a huge card, that will not disappoint but without signed contracts, he's going to hold off throwing out certain names.

Click below to hear a portion of White with Dukes (WJFK):

The best part of the conversation was White talking about why he puts so much time into the sport. He said his motivation has little do with money, it's all about legacy:

"When's the last time you saw a sport built in nine years? I don't think it's ever happened. It takes 50 years."

White said he wants MMA to be a participation sport on the level of soccer around the world. That said, money may be a little part of the motivation.

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