White responds to unhappy Tweeters with his favorite cuss word

UFC president Dana White was displeased at his middleweight champion's performance at UFC 112 tonight, and he wasn't quiet about it. In addition to sharing his displeasure at a press conference and walking out of the arena before the fight was over, White turned his ire to fans who contacted him on Twitter.

One person on Twitter said he was looking forward to streaming UFC 112 free on the internet, when the bouts showed on pay-per-view on Saturday afternoon in the United States. Another brought up Strikeforce heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, one of the world's best mixed martial artists, who White has been unable sign. Still another questioned White's affections for the fans.

How did White respond? With a cuss word he is so fond of.

Of White's many followers on Twitter, these ones knew how to press a button. The UFC is having such issues with internet pirates streaming free versions of pay-per-views that chairman Lorenzo Fertitta recently testified in front of Congress about the problem. White recently said that he is obsessed with signing Emelianenko, but he hasn't been able to get it done, and if there is any image that White projects, it's fan-friendly. As seen above, he'll happily take the time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with UFC fans.

Still, White is the president of an estimated billion-dollar company, and he should know better than to take the bait. Between three events in two weeks, traveling to Abu Dhabi for 112, and watching a disrespectfully bad performance by his longest reigning champion, White is likely spent. But when he feels like that, here's a word of advice, Dana:

Don't go on Twitter.

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