White: Nationalism is out of control on TUF9

It might be the only interesting thing to come out The Ultimate Fighter 9 especially if the British fighters can't hold their own against the American competitors. The U.K. versus U.S. angle apparently created a lot of heat on the show according to Dana White. He also says that the fights were the best ever. But that may be the same thing he says before every season of TUF. On a positive note, White says he never had to visit the house. Maybe that means the UFC decided to clean up some of the ridiculous behavior that in some ways ruined TUF8.

White indicated during the UFC 96 postfight (2:25 mark) that there was also some controversy with the referees during the show. Sources close to the show say that White is full of bull and the officiating controversy is a matter of opinion. We'll get some answers when the next season debuts on Apr. 1.

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