White’s behind-the-scenes video blog that you can’t miss

Maggie Hendricks

UFC president Dana White has used his fight week video blogs to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at UFC events, ranging from seeing the many celebrities who attend fights to the random stops White will make in promoting the UFC.

This one is a little different and worth your time because it will give you a better idea of the gamut of emotions that fighters experience after a loss. It's a little long, and full of not-safe-for-work language, but turn those speakers down and press play.

Melvin Guillard switches from angry (slamming a chair) to brokenhearted (sobbing in a heap on the floor) rather quickly. He still had plenty of energy left over after his loss to Joe Lauzon in less than a minute, and it had to be exerted somewhere. On the other side of the spectrum, Kenny Florian is despondent after his five-round loss to Jose Aldo, and Gray Maynard is sadly appreciative to his cornermen after brushing off Frankie Edgar.

Seeing all this anger, pain and sadness makes you wonder why a fighter would put himself through such a grind just to lose, but the video blog answers that question in short glimpses of the winners. Edgar's glowing smile, Aldo's celebratory conversation with Anderson Silva, and White handing out bonus checks to the Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night winners show why they risk so much for a win.

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