Weekend KO bonuses go to Y2J and Gasparilla dude

Did Cain Velasquez benefit from being a UFC golden child in receiving the The Ultimate Fight Night 17 Knockout of the Night bonus? Based on dramatics, Matt Veach probably deserved his share of the $30,000 prize. Veach had been floored earlier in the first round and was gassing when he scored his knockout against Matt Grice with 26 seconds left in the round. But it doesn't match what Chris "Y2J" Jericho did to some woman over the weekend or what a raging lunatic did during Tampa's big drunk-fest, Gasparilla.

This is so ridiculous, that it looks staged. If it's not, I'm not sure who to blame. Jericho shouldn't be hitting anyone, let alone a woman but it seems very convenient that someone is there with a camera right in Jericho's face. Where is Vince McMahon chuckling in the background?

This knockout at Gasparilla was even better. The guy is out cold and losing his trousers when he comes to.

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