The week that was in MMA: UFC 97, not quite the best ever

Did Anderson Silva suck at UFC 97? So many opinions. He is too good for his own good. He definitely didn't get on good side of fans, or his boss, with his performance. Silva's manager blamed Thales Leites. Since UFC 97 was so bad, how about helping out the fans and giving us UFC 99 for free on Spike?

According to Dana White, Chuck is done. If that's true, thanks for the memories.

Do you have trouble getting the attention of the ladies? Learn from Rampage.

Benson Henderson had a road to MMA and success in the WEC that involved sleeping in his car, and driving to Denver with little more than $10.

Before he fights Ben Saunders at UFC 99, Mike Swick took out some time to visit the troops at Fort Bragg.

With the sports' pioneers either retired or with one foot out the door, who will be the next great stars of MMA?

So what really is the deal with credentials at UFC events? The woman in charge explains it all.

Kyle Maynard, the armless, legless wrestler, is trying out MMA this weekend. This is not going to end well, and will not give MMA a good name.

Mixed martial arts may be the perfect sports business model for the 21st Century.

Yes, you can download a demo of the UFC 2009 Undisputed video game for your Xbox 360. Since everything I know about gaming involves the original version of Super Mario Bros. and Mike Tyson's Punchout, I'll trust you gamers out there understand what that means.

There are NY legislators on the side of MMA, and they've even launched a Facebook group.

Gina Carano is NOT motivated by money, darn it. That Pepsi commercial must have been for fun.

A list of the best BJJ practitioners currently in MMA. Feel free to argue about that one all weekend long.

Would you like to know what else Phil Baroni eats, besides pork fried rice? (Trust me, you want to know.) Click here.

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