WEC 51's Three Stars: Aldo, Roop and Torres (and bonus Fujii)

Thursday night was jam-packed with fantastic fights, and not one of the stars weighed more than 155 pounds. Here are the best from WEC 51, and a bonus Bellator fighter thrown in.

No. 1 star -- Jose Aldo: Is there any doubt who the top performer on Thursday night was? After feeling out Manny Gamburyan for the first round, Aldo landed a perfect uppercut to knock out Gamburyan to hold onto the WEC featherweight belt. That punch will make any other Aldo opponents think twice about going for a takedown.

No. 2 star -- George Roop: The Korean Zombie had hype on his side, but Roop had a devastating headkick. As always, the headkick wins.

No. 3 star -- Miguel Torres: The former bantamweight champ had lost twice in a row before this bout. At WEC 51, he showed off the skills he learned training with Firas Zahabi, the same trainer who helped GSP to the pound-for-pound crown.

Honorable mention -- Megumi Fujii: Sure, she didn't fight at WEC 51, but record breakers always get a mention. Fujii made quick work of Lisa Ward, pretzeling her into one of Fujii's patented armbars and winning for the record 22nd straight time. With that win, she earned the right to fight for Bellator's first women's bout.

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