WEC 47: Faber's band of little guys storm Columbus tonight

Former WEC featherweight champ Urijah Faber is only 30 years old but he must feel like a grizzled veteran with the crew of young prospects he's accumulated in Sacramento. Faber's Team Alpha Male is developing some solid prospects at 155, 145 and 135. Joe Benavidez (135), Chad Mendes (145) and Danny Castillo (155) are all featured in big fights at WEC 47. Faber spoke with Cagewriter earlier in the week about Benavidez's chances against former champ Miguel Torres. In this video, he breaks down the games of Mendes and Castillo.

Castillo faces another hot prospect in 21-year-old Anthony Pettis while Mendes steps up to face Erik Koch. Check out WEC's "Day in the Life of ..." series with Mendes. The kid makes us jealous by eating 12 meals a day! It's also pretty impressive watching Mendes give the business to Benavidez in the wrestling department.

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