WEC 43 ratings are solid, but miniscule next to Kimbo's

WEC 43's ratings from Saturday were released today, and 419,000 people tuned in to watch the five-round battle between Ben Henderson and Donald Cerrone, Damacio Page's quick ending of Will Campuzano, and Mackens Semerzier's upset of the year over Wagnney Fabiano. Compare that to the 5.3 million people who watched Roy Nelson beat Kimbo Slice in a snoozefest on "The Ultimate Fighter."

Some of the people who watched Kimbo-Nelson couldn't watch WEC 43 because they are DirecTV subscribers. Some couldn't watch because they were busy: getting married, playing playoff baseball, what have you. But for the MMA fans home on Saturday night who did not to tune in, this is for you.

You're an idiot.

Why wouldn't you watch these fights? Is it because of the lighter weights? That's something I've never understood of fight fans. Why are heavyweights supposedly better to watch? Quite often, they're slower, have less technique and rely too much on their power. I'd rather watch bantamweight over heavyweight any day.

Is it the lack of name recognition? True, more people know Kimbo Slice than they do Ben Henderson, but it generally takes a fighter just one, big bout to make a name for himself. If you don't watch, you'll miss that moment when a fighter you've heard about becomes the fighter you are talking about.

Is it it because it was the WEC? No, the WEC is not as well known as the UFC, but if you read this Web site, you can't claim ignorance to the WEC's always-exciting fights. Three of the WEC's main events could be called fight of the year.

The good news is that you can redeem yourself. Head over to the WEC Web site, and watch the fights. Now. You can also tune in to Versus at 8 p.m. ET and 11 p.m. ET and watch the replay.

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