WEC 42: Yep, they're still grossly underpaid

The payouts for WEC 42 have been released, and as usual, the fighters have been insanely underpaid. The total base payroll for WEC 42 totalled $234,500. If you're keeping track, Brock Lesnar was paid $400,000 for fighting for six minutes at UFC 100. That means in the eyes of Zuffa, who owns both the WEC and the UFC:

Yes, I know that Lesnar is more of a draw than Dominick Cruz, Brian Bowles and Leonard Garcia, but this pay disparity is insane. Before his knockout of the night bonus, Bowles made $18,000. Cruz, who along with Joseph Benavidez was in one of the best fights of the weekend, made $14,000. Jeff Curran, an MMA veteran with more than 40 fights under his belt, made $8,000. In comparison, Mac Danzig made $20K for losing at UFC 100. Is Danzig really a better fighter than Cruz, or a bigger draw than Curran?

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