WEC 41 video: Pulver preps to pound one of his fans

The kids are coming, It's what Jens Pulver, a veteran of 30-plus fights with the UFC and WEC says all the time. There's a generation on the way of kids who have been training in mixed martial arts. Not just wrestling or jiu-jitsu or kickboxing. They're trained in all disciplines from a young age. Josh Grispi, 20, is one of those guys. He trains in the Boston area with two of the other youngs guns of the sport, the Lauzon brothers. Pulver is in a rat race as we speak trying to learn as much as possible to add to his game as he wards off all the young talent popping up around MMA:

"These guys got to see this. I pioneered the weight class. I knew that these guys would be coming up. Sixth grade training in MMA. Wanting to be an MMA fighter. Here they are. I'm trying to mingle with them. I'm trying to fight with them and trying to learn at the same time."

Watch Cagewriter with Pulver on the young guns like Grispi:

Pulver likes Grispi (12-1) and considers him a tough kid but that all has to be put aside when the fight hits the cage tonight at WEC 41. It is a bit odd for Pulver. In the stare down during photo shoots, Grispi asked Pulver for autograph.

Cagewriter is cageside with live fight-by-fight uodates for WEC 41 tonight in Sacramento. Also listen here for the Yahoo!/ESPNradio1100 live postfight show at Arco Arena from 1-2 a.m. ET.

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