WEC 41 video: Brown is hunting for more respect

He's the champ of the prestigious 145 class and regarded by many as a top 10 fighter pound-for-pound but Mike Brown is far from getting a big head. Afterall, the guy fought around the world with almost no spotlight for years, that includes cashing a $2,000 paycheck at UFC 47. Brown still drives his lousy Ford Focus and gets excited over every sponsor he can nab. Brown named Tapout and Champion Nutrition as big contributors but he's really fired up over Bushmasters Rifles (2:40 mark).

Watch Brown with Cagewriter on his "new" lifestyle as the champ:

Brown said he and former UFC fighter Luigi Fioravanti go shooting together and he can't wait to go wild boar hunting soon in Northern Florida. It's the simple things that make Brown cool.

How does a guy who is starting to crack pound-for-pound lists stay so grounded? Part of it may be the company he keeps at American Top Team in South Florida. It may be the best MMA gym in the world when it comes to jiu-jitsu practitioners. The featherweight champ is constantly getting whooped by facing world class fighters who are generally bigger than he is :

"There a lot of new talent always coming in, especially jiu-jitsu guys. I'm talking world class jiu-jitsu guys coming in there."

Brown needed the work on submission defense. Back in 2004, he lost two straight fights by submission but now he feels like the gap has been closed and he is a complete fighter who is working to get better in all areas.

"The game has changed, you train MMA. You don't train in one discipline like you used to. I'm an MMA guy. I'm a better MMA fghter than any of the disciplines."

Brown defends his WEC title against Urijah Faber on Sunday night at WEC 41.

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